Plant construction starts with site survey, water reservation, land formation, camp construction to prepare for full-scale operation. Then construction processes follow ranging from underground and aboveground structure framing, piping and equipment installation, electric and instrument system setup, to painting and insulation, etc.

ABISCo values the safety execution most at construction. Based on experience and knowledge in past projects, site safety standards have been created from multiple points of view and courses of training are given to all staff on site. The passionate corporate attitude for safety makes it possible to better longer non-accident and non-disaster records highly appraised by clients.

ABISCO can execute turn key projects starting from site preparation ,civil ,electro mechanical and complete turnkey projects
  Our employees our key to all success working together to build better working environment

Diversity :- leveraging our knowledge basis for the benefit of client, employees and associates.

Commitment :- striving to achieve customer satisfaction .

Excellence:- our experience and usage of correct process to achieve sustained business relation with our clients.

Amana:- with our clients & our employees.

Transparency :- what we do is what we believe in nothing to hide .

Knowledge management ;- we believe the tacit experience of senior staff to be transferred to others ,keeping open communication ,coaching& learning process.